Thursday, August 21, 2008

Kevin Beauty Maker: Maximum Length Mascara (Black)

容量/Weight :7.5g

Code: C0007

Price: RM52.00 Each


用鋼型梳先梳理睫毛一番後,擦上終極大眼防水濃密睫毛膏 (Code C0006),此時睫毛己經非常濃又長,若是 想要再加強一次,可以等一層濃密睫毛膏乾後,再上一層,最後使用無限延伸接髮睫毛拉長尾端,就能擁有如同洋娃娃般的假睫毛效果喔

Kevin's Secret in Creating the Perfect Eyelashes

First apply a layer of Super Big Eye Water Resistance Mascara (Code C0006) to lengthen and volummise your lashes. For a more dramatic look, apply Maximum Length Mascara at the end of your lashes to lengthen the lashes before the first application dries up, and viola you will have lashes as long as a baby doll!

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Beauty Maker Paradise said...

The lengthening effect is very visible. The brush is soft and it dries up really fast. Will post up some pictures soon.