Tuesday, September 2, 2008

About Kevin & Beauty Maker Paradise

What started off as curiosity and desperation to try Kevin's Beauty Maker Products has eventually inspired us to start this website.

Kevin is a famous make up artist in Taiwan. Having a deep interest in beautiful things, he started taking up make up courses and then working as a make up artist for Taiwan artists. It was then he realized that most of the brands in the market are not specially designed for Asians. Thus, having that as the motivation, he began formulating, designing and creating a special cosmetic line for the Asian beauties...and the birth of his very own cosmetics label - Beauty Maker by Kevin.

Beauty Maker products are featured in the program Ladies First or in Taiwan and received fantastic feedbacks. Viewers are able to watch the fantastic results from the products and sales have hike ever since. Kevin also has a blog on the program and a personal blog that explain how best to use his products as well as other valuable advices and tips in using other brands.

Drooling over the products, BMBabes were having a difficult time to buy Kevin's products in Malaysia, especially in KL. There aren't any sellers, at least not that we known of. So we asked ourselves, Why not in KL? Why can't we bring in this excellent products for ourselves (yeah we really wanted to be prettier!) and also for those who wanted to buy the products?

So we started to pull strings with the supplier, battled our way through permit issues, transportation and etc, and finally the set up of this website to share the good news will all you gals!

We hope you will enjoy your beauty seeking journey with us ..... :)

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Beauty Maker Paradise said...

The sun block SPF 50 is fantastic, not oily at all. im using it everyday b4 go to work. Nice!