Friday, September 12, 2008

Face Off!

Okay Babes, let me warn you before you continue reading this post.

This is a FACE-OFF post of me because i am gonna show you my naked face again after using one of our fantastic product.


Okay, here is GOES!

Now this is how i look like BEFORE the face-off,
sitting in front of my dressing table, looking all sad for needing to face my naked face again. Even the face was twisted!

And let the process begins!

First, taking out the product:

Kevin's Cleansing Mousse

Then, squeezed sufficient amount in the palm

And clean your face thoroughly
until all make up is dissolved & rinse with water

Lastly, end of process.
Back to the naked face.
I really wish i do not need to put up this picture. It's depressing but for you babes, why not? But, it will only be half a face! haha
*Sigh, see how unhappy i looked?*

So here's my review on Kevin's Cleansing Mousse:
1) The smell is wonderful, very rosy
2) The mousse is gentle but can dissolved make up
3) Make up is easily removed, not much rubbing
4) Can be rinsed with water easily
5) My face felt cleaned but not dry



Michael Song said...

before or after... u still look pretty... :)

Beauty Maker Paradise said...

hehehe Mike! Got discount ah???