Tuesday, May 18, 2010

★SHILLS SPF30 Magic BB Cream / SHILLS 魔幻光透BB隔離防曬SPF30 / SR★★★

Price: RM50.00 include postage if purchase more than RM50

一瓶兼具防晒、 潤色、 修護、控油、保濕、遮瑕、嫩白效果B.B. Cream 極佳保溼度、延展力及易推質地,抵禦紫外線來臨,提高肌膚透明感,完美展現淨白無瑕美肌。


注意事項: 本公司使用之鋁包裝具有高度安全性,有內部產品提供嚴格保護,若產品累積在瓶口螺旋處接觸與瓶口摩擦會有氧化現象,建議使用過後用面紙擦拭清潔再轉回瓶蓋,以維護商品品質。


至於 SR 是什麼呢 ?
【 SR 】意指防禦紫外線 UVA 的功效值 ,此為 為英國 Boots Star System ,以對 UVA 防護力 / UVB 防護力的比率來表示,在 UVB 防護下 UVA 防護力越高,即表示防止曬黑效果越佳,標示方法是以★來代表
→ 【 SR★】表示防禦紫外線 UVA 的功效中等
→ 【 SR★★ 】表示防禦紫外線 UVA 的功效好
→ 【 SR★★★ 】表示防禦紫外線 UVA 的功效極好
→ 【 SR★★★★】表示防禦紫外線 UVA 的功效優異

8 in 1 BB Cream: Sunscreen with SPF30, Illuminator, Make up Base, Repair, Oil controller, Moisturizer, Concealer and Whitening effects.

Rich in moisture and light in texture. Spreads easily.
Helps to modify dull, ashy and oily skin. Porous and non-sticky, it will not block pores.

Protects your skin from harmful UV rays and illuminates skin at the same time. Regain perfect crystal white and glossy complexion everyday with this BB cream.

SPF Knowledge
Tips on Sun-protectionUV rays are always the mortal enemies of healthy skin. Protecting your skin from UV rays should never be neglected.
*Choose the right sunscreen according to the time and type of outdoor activities.*Apply enough and even sunscreen after basic skin care and before makeup.*Apply sunscreen 10~20 minutes before going out. Re-apply sunscreen every 1~2 hours if working outdoors or directly under sun.*The sun's rays is most intensive during 10am to 2pm. Remember to apply sunscreen. It is better to use umbrella or wear sun hat.*After sun, remove makeup and cleanse the skin thoroughly, then apply wet cotton pad with toner and apply to skin where there are signs of sunburns.

SPF? Which one is enough for you?
*This factor is considered to be the duration against UV: SPF x 10 (minute)*Usually SPF15~20 is enough for office ladies. But if you sit near the window, you need SPF30~40.*The high SPF products are for outdoor use. Such as beach activities or long time exposure under the sun.

Suitable for All Skin Types

Ingredient 主要成分:

Hyaluronate. Derivatives of Vitamin B, Vitamin E, Long-last moisture factor, Yarrow, Melissa extract, Red Elder extract, Lady's Mantle herb extract, Auricula, Mint leaves extract, Mellow extract, Bisabolol, and Trehalose.

Usage 使用方式:

After basic skincare, apply appropriate amounts (with pad or fingers) to face and neck and spread to even.

Caution 注意事項:

Notice: BB cream is a makeup product, please remove it with makeup remover regardless of day or night.

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