Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kevin Beauty Maker: Magic Bright Blusher Pen (Strawberry / Peach)

【 魔 法 光 系 列 】魔法光快捷亮彩腮紅筆
容量/Weight :8 g

Strawberry - A0001

Peach - A0002

Price: RM48.00 Each


Magic Bright Blusher Pen is more than a blusher because besides adding beautiful strawberry / peach color to your cheekbones, it also helps to highlight and brighten your face. Both colors are suitable for all skin color and thus no more worries in choosing the wrong blusher color.

用途 : 打亮臉部立體部位,並豐潤頰彩。
Usage: To highlight face area and for a perfect glowing cheek look.

使用方法 / How to use:
1>第一次使用時,取下筆蓋,先將刻度轉至5,再轉至刻度2或3,然後輕甩筆桿,腮紅粉就會自動 沾附於筆頭,即可直接輕刷兩頰笑肌處。
For initial use, remove cap, twist cap to No 5 and twist it back to No 2 or 3, swing slightly to release powder onto the brush and apply to check bone.

Twist cap to No 2 or 3 for subsequent uses, swing slightly to release powder and apply to cheek bone.

Twist cap to No 5 when finished, twist bottom cover up to store brush, turn to L to lock and capped to store.

2>刻度1~5:出粉量控制 (刻度1最少、刻度5最多、刻度2或3適量)

No. Explanation:
1> L : Close
No 1 - 5 : To control release of powder. No1 is minimum, 5 is maximum and 2 or 3 are average
3> At no 5, you may pull up the bottom cover to store your brush

建議用量 / Recommended Usage:

Recommended to use at No 1 - 2.

使用步驟 / Steps:
1>After foundation, apply on your apple and nose bridge, blend lightly.

2>For a stronger result, lightly tap brush on your apply to get a natural glow effect.

推薦對象 / Recommended for:

Recommended for babes who like to see a natural glow on face.

蘋果萃取、蕃茄萃取液、維他命 E、蠶絲蛋白精華、珍珠蛋白精華、櫻桃萃取液、桃子萃取液、草莓萃取液、卵磷素、甘草精。

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Beauty Maker Paradise said...

I think the packing of the blusher makes it easy to apply and you can control how much you wish to apply, and it is easy to use. Since i am tanned, the strawberry works better than me. I bet peach will looks cute on fairer babes.