Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kevin Beauty Maker: Water Shine Lip Glaze (Pink / Nude)

(粉紅芭比 / 裸膚娜娜)

容量 / Weight :10g

Pink - B0001

Nude - B0002

Price: RM39.00 Each

植物豐潤抗氧化精華:從玫瑰果、水蜜桃及蕃茄中萃取植物滋養精華,柔軟唇部,防止龜裂 還添加了卵磷脂、維他命E及玉米蛋白天然抗氧化劑,讓唇部不受空氣污染傷害,能減緩老化生成的皺紋。



Product Description
Plant Extract Moisturizing Essence: Essence extracted from rose, peach and tomatoes, for lips moisturizing, added vitamin E to prevent lips cracking, protection from pollution and aging lines.

Multiple moisturizing formula: Moisturizer extracted from natural ingredients such as sesame oil and honey, to prevent lips from cracking and peeling due to dryness.

Soft shining glazing look
: Formulated especially to care for your lips, ingredients are rich in natural moisturizers that are soft but not greasy, when applied on lips will result in a moisturizing and glazing look, added pearl white shine.

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