Friday, August 22, 2008

Kevin BeautyMaker: Magic Concealer (Skin Color / Suitable For All)


容量/Weight :3g

Code: E0004

Price: RM59.00 Each (free postage for purchase above RM50.00)

用途: 美化遮瑕臉部瑕疵。
Usage: Cover and conceal pigmentation and other face problems.

注意: 第一次使用本商品,請連續按壓底端數次(約20-30下)至遮瑕筆內容物出現為止。
Note: When used for the first time, pressed to the bottom for a few times (approximately 20 - 30 times) until concealer appears.


1> 於日常保養後,用輕透光淨白隔離乳 SPF 50+++ (Code E0008) 做好防護基。
2> 將魔法光亮采遮瑕筆塗抹於黑眼圈或是打亮T字部位。

1> After normal face routine, use Trans High Sun-Screening Protecting Lotion SPF 50+++ (Code E0008) as sun block protection.
2> Apply Magic Concealer on dark eyes circle or on T area.
3> Use finger tips to blend.
4> Apply foundation and loose powder as usual.

推薦對象: 有黑眼圈或臉部瑕疵,但又擔心厚重的遮瑕膏會帶給妳肌膚沉重負擔的人。
Recommended For : Dark eyes circle, uneven skin tone and other face problem. This concealer is light and will not project a cakey look.

Kevin's Recommendation:
Step 1 Magic Concealer (E0004) +
Step 2 Aqua Eye Concealer (E0001 / E0002)


Watch video below!

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Beauty Maker Paradise said...

The pen packing makes concealer easier to use and less wastage. Although the color looks dark before blending, but it looks rather natural after that. Since it is high in aqua, it is also easy to blend and does not cake up my face. And it is less messy too.