Friday, August 22, 2008

Kevin BeautyMaker: Aqua Eye Concealer (Natural / Healthy)

水潤光眼部遮瑕膏(自然 / 健康膚)
容量/Weight :3g

Natural - E0001
Healthy - E0002

Price: RM59 (free delivery for purchase above RM50)

Natural Healthy

Before: Dark eyes circles are visible
After: Dark eyes circles are gone!

用  途:美化眼周並遮瑕。
Usage: Conceal uneven skin tone and eyes circle.

1> 於日常保養後,用輕透光淨白隔離乳 SPF 50+++ (Code E0008) 做好防護基礎。
2> 將眼部遮瑕膏塗抹於黑眼圈處。
3> 用指腹將眼部遮瑕膏推勻即可。
4> 於底妝後,用蜜粉或蜜粉餅定妝即可。

After normal face routine, use Trans High Sun-Screening Protecting Lotion SPF 50+++ (Code E0008) as sun block protection.
2> Apply Aqua Eye Concealer on dark eyes circles.
3> Use finger tips to gently blend.
4> Apply foundation and loose powder as usual.

Recommended for: Babes with dark eyes circles problem or wish to brighten up eyes areas.

Kevin's recommendation:
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Watch video below!

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