Friday, August 22, 2008

Kevin BeautyMaker: Aqua Sheer Pressed Powder (Natural / Healthy)

美白保濕柔膚粉餅(自然 / 健康膚)
容量/Weight :9g

Natural - D0006
Healthy - D0007

Price: RM64.00 Each

Natural Healthy

Before: Skin looks uneven, dry and dull.

After: Skin is well covered to perfection, brighter and highlighted.

用  途:創造自然無瑕妝感。
Usage: For a natural looked make ups.

2>用乾海綿或濕海綿輕輕將粉餅推勻於臉部,可在需要遮 瑕處重複輕輕按壓 。

1> After normal face routine, apply sunblock to protect.
2> Use dry/wet sponge to lightly blend pressed powder to whole face. Repeat at areas that need more coverage.
3> Lastly apply loose powder to finish.

Recommended for: Foundation cum concealer.

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Beauty Maker Paradise said...

Used the sheer powder - healthy this morning. Powder is light and easy to apply with the huge mirror that comes along in the packing. It is easy to blend and doesn't look cakey. See product review picture on the result.