Friday, August 22, 2008

Kevin Beauty Maker: Peach Powder Compact (Suitable For All)

容量/Weight :6.5g

Code: D0004

Price: RM50.00 Each

Before: Face looks flat and dull.

After : Face has a natural glow and radiant look.

用  途:
Usage: To cover face shape, for a radiant look.

2>最欲加強蘋果臉效果,輕拍於笑肌頂點,即可達到自然 的腮紅效果。

1> After foundation, apply gently and repeatedly brushing from cheek bones to temple and nose bridge. Blend well.
2> For a more radiant look, dab more on cheekbones and blend well for a natural look.

1 comment:

Beauty Maker Paradise said...

Love the peachy smell when brushed on the face! Powder is light and my face looks more radiant after use.