Thursday, August 21, 2008

Kevin Beauty Maker: Professional Thinniest Eye Liner / Micro Fine Liquid Eye Liner

容量/Weight :0.6g

Code: C0003

Price: RM60.00 Each

Before: Eyes look small and without energy.
After: Eyes look bigger and brighter.

Step 1: After foundation, apply Color Correcting Eyelid Primer (Code E0003) at eyelids. To further highlight the eyeshadow colors, apply Aqua Eye Concealer (Code E0001/E0002) to concealer eyes circles.

Step 2: Using your index and litter finger to hold up your eyelids, eyes looking down, chin tilt up slightly, apply Magic Eyeshadow Pencil (Code C0001) from middle of the eye to the end from left to right for a couple of times forming a 1/3 upper eyeshadow. Then start from the middle again and draw to the tip of your eyes, repeat a few times to complete the whole eye.

Step 3: Lastly use Professional Thinnest Eyeliner, drawn a thin eye liner starting from middle of the eye and draw till the end, and from middle to the tip of the eyes. For a thicker look, repeat same step for 2 - 3 times.

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Beauty Maker Paradise said...

Ok here is what i want to share. I have never ever been able to use any eyeliner. Each time i tried, it seemed like an earthquake happened at the same time while i was applying it and it looked like a disaster!!! Well today for the first time, i managed to apply it! HAPPPYYYYYYY!