Thursday, August 21, 2008

Kevin Beauty Maker: Waterproof Eyeliner Gel (Black / Coffee)

完美大眼防水眼線膠(黑 / 咖啡色)
容量/Weight :4g Each

Black - C0004
Coffee - C0005

Price: RM45.00 Each


眼線膠使用方法:用專業的眼線筆 (Code C0002)沾取適量,於睫毛根部或是內眼線處描繪,可單獨描繪也可疊於眼影上方加強勾勒眼型。

可沾水或單獨使用,因速乾防水配方,畫上後迅速定型, 初學者建議沾水使用,想要眼線明顯深遂者,則建議單獨沾取使用

Kevin's Waterproof Eyeliner Gels

Usage Methods: Apply sensible quantity of the gel using the 2in1 Eyeliner/Eye shadow Pen (Code C0002), draw at the base of your eye lashes or your inner eye, or you may also draw above your eye shadows to beautify your eye shape.

* May use with or without water. The fast drying formula will ensure gel to dry up easily. Beginners are recommended to use with water. For a more smoky look, use as it is without water.

彩妝大師Kevin的《精緻雙頭眼線/眼影刷-黑鋁管 (C0002)


Kevin's 2in1 Eyeliner/Eye shadow Pen (Code C0002)
Usage Method: When use for the first time, press brush gently using your thumb and index finger to loosen up. Apply a sensible quantity of Waterproof Eyeliner Gel, use horizontally for perfect eyeliner or vertically for a smoky look. Wash brush with water and pat dry using facial tissue every time after use.

Watch video on how best to use.

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