Tuesday, May 18, 2010

★SHILLS Firming Age Control BB creme SHILLS糖瓷BB無瑕小臉粉底液 (Product Code: BB003)★

Price: RM50.00 include postage if purchase more than RM50

Package Include:
SHILLS Firming Age Control BB creme

Ceramic Flawless V Face BB Foundation

Experience the brilliant brightness of a real Swarovski crystal casted on a classic pink designed bottle. A star rises amongst the various facial foundations.

Shills Firming Liquid Foundation is both a foundation and skin-care product. It modifies, firms and sculpts the facial contours. It gives you flawless complexion and white crystal skin.

The firming V Face Foundation contains moisturizing and whitening ingredients, Morus Bombycis Root Extract and Vitamin C & E. This helps to enhance the moisture level of cells. Metasequoia and chamomile extract firms the face and reveal a light & transparent 3D complexion for make up to stay longer.

Application is simple and fuss free. The crème is easily spread without any sticky feeling. What's more, the micro powder particles are so light that it will never block the pores. But at the same time, it hides skin flaws and covers big pores.

Usage: Use after your basic skin care routine. Can be used as a concealer, make-up foundation or a UV protects cream. Can be applied to hands and legs too.

1. Suitable for legs too.
2. Only for external use. Avoid the eyes and the surrounding areas of mouth and nose.
3. Please stop using if any swelling and severe redness and itching occurs. Consult a doctor immediately.
4. Do not use it if your skin is sunburn or peeled, damaged and inflamed with wounds.
5. Please test it on sensitive skin before using. Make sure that there is no any irritation occur s before applying.
6. Store it at dry and cool place. Keep away from direct sunlight.




成 分:桑白根、維他命C、維他命E、蘆薈、洋甘菊、虎耳草。



注意 ※ BB霜屬彩妝品,不論白天或晚上都請卸妝。

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