Friday, August 22, 2008

Kevin Beauty Maker: Trans Foundation Shake Up SPF13 PA++ (Natural / Healthy)

輕透光淨白水粉底SPF13 PA++

容量/Weight :30ml


Healthy - D0003

Price: RM62.00 Each

Natural Healthy

用  途:創造自然輕透的妝感。
Usage: For a natural and feather-light look.


1> 於日常保養後,用隔離霜或防曬乳做好防護基礎。
2> 搖勻水粉底後,用指腹或海綿輕輕按壓全臉。
3> 若需要較好的遮瑕,可以再按壓一層美白保濕柔膚粉餅 (Code D0006 / D0007)

1> After daily face routine, apply sun block for protection.
2> Shake well before using Trans Foundation Shake Up SPF13++, dab using finger tips or lightly press on face using sponge.
3> For better concealing, apply another layer of Aqua Sheer Pressed Powder (Code D0006 / D0007).

Recommended for: Babes who like light looking make up.

Catch Kevin in action.

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Beauty Maker Paradise said...

Tried the Healthy color yesterday and it felt like i was applying water rather than foundation because it was very watery and not as thick as other brands i have used. The result was as good though. Managed to hide my pigmentation and all. My face still felt fresh and non-oily after the whole day.